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Our people come from a wide range of political and professional backgrounds. As individuals, they bring special skills, broad knowledge, and significant relationships to their work. As a group, there is no greater force in Pennsylvania politics.

Hayden Rigo Associate

Working on issues ranging from education, transportation, to everything in between, Hayden’s detail-oriented and relentless pursuit for the best outcomes has proven to be an asset for the firm and its clients. Prior to working for Greenlee Partners, Hayden spent time working for the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania; during his time there, he was able to formulate relationships with locally elected official across the Commonwealth, gain experience working with the Pennsylvania State Government, and develop a deeper understand from the county viewpoint. This past experience, in combination with the lessons learned at Greenlee, has allowed for him to flourish throughout the Pennsylvania political scene.

Hayden has brought a different perspective to the work done at Greenlee since he joined. Drawn to politics for its competitive nature, he has embraced the full-contact atmosphere that Harrisburg presents. His ability to utilize his relationships and to catch every relevant news story has translated into successes for the clients and the firm. 

Every hero doesn’t do this great big hero thing. They do the simple thing over and over… and they stick to it. 

Donetta D'Innocenzo

About Hayden


  • Somerset, PA


  • Bachelor's of Business Adminstration, Shippensburg University
  • Master's of Public Administration, Shippensburg University 

Year Joined Greenlee Partners

  • 2018

Interesting Facts About Rigo

  • The best athlete in the firm…according to him
  • Has a quote for almost every situation
  • President of the Shippensburg University Student Services, Incorporated Board
  • 2018 Central PA Foundation's Finest Program honoree
  • Shippensburg University Alumni Board of Directors